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Let them eat cake! Or was it pie? Well how about quiche?

As you all know, I am now an at home mom. I help the husband some with his business but basically I just run things at Casa Sassy.

Staying home is hard. Do not be fooled. There are not any days of lounging around, being fed grapes and being fanned. Nope, I am honestly trying to figure out how I did it all before and I have to admit I am not sure I did any of it very well. [Read more…]

Convenience is everywhere. You can find just about everything individually packed, from chips to apples to coffee. But – you have to pay for that convenience.

When the husband and I were still in the corporate world, someone in my area purchased a Keurig. Everyone chipped in on the K cups and swore it was better than the free coffee in the break room. The aroma right next to your desk didn’t help.

You guys know how I feel about it, free coffee vs. about $0.50 a cup… The free is just fine with me, the husband – not so much. He came to my area more frequently ‘to see me’ so he says, but he always left with a full cup. [Read more…]

I love cookies. I love all kinds of cookies. I’m trying to figure out how to make cookies a permanent fixture on the food pyramid – in a good way.

The other day I had a dilemma. I know, your thinking ‘only one’? My friend Dave was coming over to discuss some things I got roped into.

I made sure the house was straight, but realized in great horror I didn’t really have anything to put out to snack on. If you have been to my house or know me, there is usually always something to snack on. All I had was a sleeve of fig newtons and a package of iced Pfeffernusse cookies I’ve been hoarding since Christmas. [Read more…]

compost binI love to compost. Who knew?

I had grand ideas of a garden, a compost pile, canning… a real pioneer type woman. For those of you that know me this is very hard to imagine. Even my grandmother snickered. [Read more…]